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Foundations of Volunteerism

To be a volunteer, most people would agree that compassion is key. However, is compassion alone enough when you decide to get involved in a community/environmental project? What other attributes should you also consider in order to ensure success in supporting causes? This workshop provides insights into other key ingredients that will help you maximise your impact, whether it is in building latrines for refugees or restoring mangrove forests.

Prepare For Action

Empathy without action is empty.

Action without preparation is hasty.

We believe that empathy goes hand in hand with training to create greater impact in action. Get in touch with us to find out more about our training courses.

The Journey

The Journey is an experiential programme to help participants develop a deeper understanding of the plight of refugees. They will go through team exercises and refugee simulation that provide insights into the circumstances of those forced to flee their homes because of conflict. Expect to rough it out, start a cooking fire, and cooperate with other fellow “refugees.” The Journey is also suitable as a team bonding programme for staff of schools, companies and other organisations.

Humanitarian Basics

Watch this space!

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