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Our Threefold Mission


Advocate for refugees, internally displaced persons and stateless persons.

Provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Train and prepare volunteers.

Priority Countries

In our responses to international disasters, we prioritise five countries: three in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines) and two in South Asia (Bangladesh and Nepal).

We have however also responded to crises beyond these countries. RSG teams have provided clean water to Vanuatu communities ravaged by Cyclone Pam, and relief goods to Syrian refugees in Lebanon who lost homes to fires.

Do Good, Do Well

As a small NGO and social enterprise, we aim to do good and do well. Our vision is a world where there are lasting, livable and loving homes for everyone. Hence, we work with our partners on the ground to address humanitarian gaps, and seek to help the most vulnerable regardless of race, religion, or political convictions.

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